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Friday, January 25th 2008

5:51 PM

Can't wait to move

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Oh yeah, right at this moment I am so excited because we already found a place to move in to soon, well we are still renting a place though because my husband and I can't afford to get us a new house yet, but were hoping that we can get it this year, if we are lucky with our financial. I can't wait to move in to our new place, but i am not so excited knowing that we have to pack and unpack the things that we need to carry to the new place, but my husband said that we are going to do it slowly until we are completely moved in. I am also excited about going shopping for furniture and other household things.

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Saturday, December 8th 2007

12:58 PM


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Saturday, December 8th 2007

12:57 PM

Christmas WISH

Grown Up Christmas Wish
I got tagged by Darlene again about Christmas wish, so nice of her that she's keep tagging me lately. thank you so much Darlene and here's my Christmas wish!

1. A bountiful of blessings so i can share it to my family and friends
2. A good health to all my family, friends and people who got sick.
3. To have a Laptop and a car.
4.I am wishing that i could go for a vacation to the philippines.
5. I am wishing to have a work.

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Thursday, December 6th 2007

12:53 PM

professional domain

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Wednesday, December 5th 2007

12:52 PM

pretty award

I got a very nice award from Liza, thank you Liza for passing this award to me, I really appreciate it. I am glad to be one of your friends here on blogging world. Thank you so much, You take care always and GOD bless you always.
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Sunday, December 2nd 2007

6:36 AM

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Sunday, December 2nd 2007

6:34 AM

Nice day

Today was really a wonderful day, So my sister and I took a walk for a while so that we could burn off some fat (wink) plus we get tired from just sitting all the time, it really gets boring when you never go out and just sit the whole day and think about eating all the time, it will just give you more fat. So i am really glad that today is really a good day even though its cool but not so cold, How I wish the weather would stay like this all the time.
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Wednesday, November 14th 2007

10:59 AM

international car shipping

Have you or do you know anybody that has had their car ship on one place to another? My husband’s friend is in the military and he got shipped to Japan and he wanted to be able to take his own car but he didn’t exactly know what to do . So my husband told him that he would look online to see if he could find out more about it. He located a website for car shipping and this website called national-car-shipping.com. They are a reputable boded car and auto transport company. They can ship to any destination overseas. They specialize in moving classic cars boat, and motorcycles. It seems that they can handle any international car shipping. National shipping company has over 20 years experience in the auto moving business it ensures that your car moving experience will be pleasant and hassle free not a nightmare. No matter what type of condition your car is in even if its not running they can still move it. You can visit their website www.national-car-shipping.com or contact contact them through a this number (830-625-1095) for all your auto moving questions.
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Tuesday, November 13th 2007

5:26 AM

Its Great Day

Its a beautiful morning isnt it? Hubby is feeling better today, so he decided to go back to work, since he really dont like much staying in the house and just watch tv or sleeping the whole day because for him it make him more sick and the wosrt thing to it is he dont earn any money if he doesnt go to work. So today he go back to his work. I wish he could stop his smoking coz i know this thing is not really good for him, but he dont really smoke like as he did when i was in in the philippines, he said he minimize his smoking now but still i want him to stop it. I jsut wish that one day he will decided to stop and never smoke again. hmmm wish ko lang.
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Saturday, November 10th 2007

4:38 PM

Super Pocket Bikes

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The choices are many when it comes to older and more experienced riders. Higher speeds and manual transmissions.

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